Fully computerized front office with efficient manpower. Separate reception and cash counter for the timely service of our parents/visitors.


A store with all items required for students and teachers is functioning in the school. Textbooks, Notebooks, Record books, Pens and pencils, Uniform and accessories, CCA Drawing/Painting accessories etc are available in the store. 


Wholesome eating is to be encouraged in the children from early ages. SHRI RAM SCHOOL takes extra care to deliver balanced, nutritional, growth friendly food to the children. After consultations with nutrition experts and dietitians, we have prepared menu for the children. The food is age appropriate and cooked hygienically.

Students are provided fresh, hygienic, nutritious food prepared at our premises, complete with vegetables, or fruit each day. This is part of our effort to do away with the growing culture of relying on fast food which is detrimental to the children’s growth. We also ensure that everyone has access to fresh drinking water.

Our dining room staff supervises and helps the children during their mealtime. We emphasise the importance of healthy eating habits and we kindly ask parents not to provide sweets, chocolates, chips (crisps), popcorn or highly sugared or caffeinated drinks. SHRI RAM SCHOOL is dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and food choices.

Evaluation cell:

Evaluation cell is responsible for the fair conduct of exams for students in the school. It is responsible for scheduling exam dates, scheduling teachers invigilation duty, arrangement of exam halls, Printing question papers with utmost secrecy etc. Evaluation cell is headed by the academic Principal. 


The School is built with the know-how of Indo-Western Architecture, advised and executed by the Members of Shri Ram School.

The total built area is designed to be functional, flexible and pleasing in the environment. The magnificent school gate with the security check and wide pathway to School’s main office from the main road gives an enchanting view of the landscape.

The School Blocks are built on the same plain so that it looks very attractive and gives pleasure in moving around

The School Blocks gives a high academic look with spacious corridors for Assembly, Student Corners, House Corners, House Board Bulletin, Display Boards, spacious classrooms with smart board, Library, Computer Lab, Evaluation cell, spacious Staff room on every floor, and Principal’s room.


Transport, to and fro, is provided for day scholars by school bus and the children will be assisted by teachers and a helper to safely cross roads where necessary and to be dropped at the designated drop points safely.

SMS facility:

The school keeps the parents online with progress of their wards, their regular meetings, exams, holidays, etc. through the SMS facility.

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