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has completed 2 fruitful years with various milestones. At the outset, we thank the almighty God for all the blessings rendered to us. Our journey started way back in the year 2014 with few students and staff. We have sailed a long journey and grown to become a reputed High School with the recognition from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Our commitment has been to ensure the overall holistic development of our students, in addition to our efforts, to impart the best education. We also provide equal importance to extra-curricular activities like Arts and Crafts, Yoga, Karate, Dance, Music, Abacus and Spoken English.

Every year we set ourselves a goal and all our activities are aligned to this goal. For effective results Formative Assessments are conducted for students during each term.

To ensure that our students are equipped to face any challenge, we have focused sessions on special topics including health education, social responsibilities, environmental studies, soft skills, leadership skills, career planning and development etc.

We have regular classes like:

Moral education which aims at creating responsible citizens for the nation and to help develop the spirit of brother hood and respect towards parents and elders.
Weekly quiz program has been a special feature in our educational activities.
Meditation class to ensure mental fitness.
Knowledge of IT for students from Class I.
Soft Skills to hone their communication skill.
Arts and crafts to develop student’s creativity.


Sports and Games

Sports and games play a pivotal role in developing the personality of a student. Games like kho-kho khabadi, football, hand ball etc. and sports like shot-put high jump, mass drill are also a part of a curriculum.


Off and on some short treat in the form of picnic or study tour is being organised for the students to rejuvenate themselves. Tours are imperative as it complements the class room teaching, adding a touch of reality as akin to seeing is believing.

Arts / Yoga / Karate / Dance / Music

Non-academic disciplines like music, dance, painting, cooking, clay modeling, yoga, karate, etc. make up the co-curricular activities. If children are left to learn different disciplines within the school hours.